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USMC Marine Corp: Welcome

USMC or the United States Marine Corps is a significant branch of the country’s naval force. The special feature of USMC is that it is adept in fighting on ships and carrying out amphibious assaults. It is second last in size out of the five branches of United States armed forces. It constituted 170,000 active and 40,000 reserve marines during 2002.

The United States Marine Corps is well equipped and extensively trained to meet various military requirements. It functioned effectively and carried out amphibious operation during the II World War in the Pacific Island Campaign. USMC is a part of the Department of Navy but not a part of the United States Navy. The two, work in close association yet the individual jurisdiction varies.

USMC has carved out a reputation for itself, an established name in the genre of effective and fierce fighting. The United States Marine Corps work as a all-purpose and quick-response task force. It comes into immediate action during emergency that calls for quick and effective response. It is the most privileged branch of the US Armed Forces with a mandate to do whatever the President may direct.

The United States Marine Corps used a public demonstration of the Marine landing on the Iraqi port of Umm Qasr and on Kuwait during the 1991 Gulf War. It terrorizes the enemy considerably and mars its confidence. USMC works out a unique compatibility with the other Defense forces and operates efficiently, giving the US Military an edge over its rival.

The United States Marine Corps strikes a different note with its scarlet and gold colors though very often it is mistaken for the United States Army Soldiers. The USMC motto “Semper Fedelis” or “Always Faithful” holds supreme and these undaunted corps fiercely fight for the novel cause of protecting the country.

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